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As the Moynihan Turns: Gov. Wants Port Authority in Control

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When Sen. Chuck Schumer spoke out against Bloomberg's prioritizing of the Hudson Yards over Moynihan Station earlier this week?and even dared suggest that the Port Authority take over the Moynihan/Farley Post Office project?Mayor Mike's head nearly exploded. Now, Governor Patterson has joined with Schumer in suggesting that the Port Authority handle the new train terminal, and if Bloomberg hasn't turned green and ripped through his business suit already, we assume it's only a matter of time. Moynihan Station is still reeling from Madison Square Garden's sudden pull-out from the plan as well as budget concerns, but Bloomberg shot back that the whole thing has been slowed by turmoil upstate. The Post quotes him: "The chaos in Albany was not good for us. A new administration comes in. They want to study things. Then there's another new administration. They want to study things." OK, so Bloomberg isn't the studying type. Patterson, trying to smooth over some hurt feelings before brass knuckles come out, said: "This isn't a personal feud, or something like that. He just has a viewpoint on what was Schumer's proposal and one that I'll weigh as I make a decision." Whatever that means.
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