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Will Park Slope Become City's Parking Lot of Choice?

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Forget the stroller jams on Seventh Avenue, the story of our lifetime in Park Slope will start on Monday when alternate side of the street parking is suspended for several months. It is such a watershed moment in the neighborhood's life that the story has merited top news treatment in the Times, which called the upcoming months "the Summer of the Spot." Alternate side regulations are being suspended in a huge area bounded by Flatbush Avenue, Prospect Park West, 15th Street and Fourth Avenue so that the city can change 9,200 signs because the no parking time has been changed to 90 minutes. Some people are happy. Others are worried that the streets will fill with crap after months of not being cleaned and, worse still, that now that the entire city knows about it calls will be "zooming over to Park Slope like small animals hurrying to mate." There's an ongoing discussion on Brooklynian, where one poster writes that "demand for parking in park slope will spike" and that "the streets are going to be a fucking mess... Who is going to clean up after all the block parties?"
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