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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

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1) Real World Really Coming to Brooklyn (82 Comments)
"The Real World Greenpoint: each 30 minute episode will consist of 22 minutes waiting for the G train and 8 minutes of commercials and promos."
2) Faded Brooklyn (59 Comments)
"It doesn't matter how much Brooklyn real estate gets whacked by. There aren't enough people with good credit and cash for a down payment to absorb the supply. How many people want to live in Brooklyn vs. move here because Manhattan is too expensive? If Manhattan dips just a bit, say goodnight to Brooklyn. Overnight."
3) Burg's Broadway Gets Bike Lanes, Beautification (48 Comments)
"Another step in the grand scheme to rid Billyburg of hipsters, beautification for the benefits of yuppies and stroller moms."
4) Soho Drivers Don't Give a Shit About Your Bike (42 Comments)
"NYC has always and will always be populated by assholes the drivers are assholes, the cyclists are assholes, the pedestrians are assholes. this is why it is the best city in the world."