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NYU's New Provincetown Playhouse Proposal

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NYU just released new materials regarding its plan for the Provincetown Playhouse building at 133-139 MacDougal Street, and as Lost City reported earlier, the school is indeed veering from its original proposal following some community backlash. The earlier plan called for preservation of the theater's entryway and façade, while knocking the rest down and building a new theater as part of a larger academic building. Now, NYU wants to preserve the structural walls of the historic theater, and build around and over it. "It is that structure and volume that people passionately feel celebrates the history and heritage of the theater," NYU says in its statement. The internal auditorium will be rebuilt, with some "historical features" and pieces of the existing theater (like the seats) including in the new design. Community Board 2 will review the project at a public meeting on May 28. Will the critics be satisfied this time around?
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