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Building Collapse Betting Pool: 35 Vestry is Dubbeldam'd

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The empty lot at 31-33 Vestry Street in Tribeca has been waiting for architect Winka Dubbeldam's glow-in-the-dark boutique building for a very long time. In April, a stop work order was slapped on the property, but it's been partially rescinded. Why? Because workers needed to get on the site to prevent its neighbor at 35 Vestry from toppling over. A tipster sends in the above photos and notes, "Foundation work has been going on for awhile on the empty lot next to 35 Vestry Street (lot stretches from Vestry to Laight), but it wasn't until last week that they brought in a crane. But not for construction of the new building -- no, rather to brace 35 Vestry Street, which can't make anyone living there feel very good about things." A DOB complaint on 35 Vestry reports "failure to maintain cracks and separation observed at cellar slab." Well, it's a little hard to maintain your composure when there's such a ruckus next door!
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