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Thor Bringing 'Summer of Hope' to Coney Island

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[Photo courtesy of GerritsenBeach.Net/flickr]

Thor Equities has declared the “Summer of Hope” in Coney Island. Developer Joe Sitt started placing ads yesterday and will be bringing rides to some of the land he cleared in the winter of 2006-07 anticipating quick city action on rezoning. First, there will be a carnival from May 22 through June 3. Thor will leave a dozen rides and attractions, however, running and operating for the entire "Summer of Hope." Among other things in "Dreamland," there will be sideshows including the world's smallest horse, the world's largest alligator, a 100-lb. rat (Brooklyn bred?), the world's smallest woman and a petting zoo. Per Mr. Sitt's statement sent to inboxes around the city this morning: "Thor is fully committed to the amusement industry in Coney...we're sure the Summer of Hope will be a Summer to remember for the hundreds of thousands of thrill-seekers who will crowd into Coney Island from Memorial Day to Labor Day." While the attempt to win hearts and minds via the Ring of Fire and Mini Jet 6 is underway, city officials tells us they're "optimistic" that a deal can be worked out with the developer under the plan that cuts land it would need for an amusement park from 15 acres to 9. Oh, and there's a protest of the city's revised plan taking place for the beach's official opening day next week.
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