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What Trump's Name is Worth

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It is well known that Donald Trump, a notable Manhattan-based real estate developer (right), licenses his name out to projects around the world in exchange for a cut of the sales. What is not so well known, however, is just how much The Donald pockets from these deals. Today's Page Six gives us some very interesting insight. Trump is suing a luxury condo developer over a 70-story "Trump Plaza" planned in Israel. It would have been Israel's tallest tower, but the developer flipped the property before building it, cutting Trump out of the profits and making him very angry. It's easy to see why: Trump was to collect 25% of every unit sold. Whoa now! And in a juicy twist, the developer who Trump alleges stiffed him is Crescent Heights Diamond, which counts Bruce Menin among its principals. Bruce Menin is married to Community Board 1 chair Julie Menin, who has been involved in various real estate dealings in the past, from the sale of the Trump Soho land to the alleged de-landmarking of 25 Broad Street to make way for luxury condos (see comment #1). Well, wasn't that the worldwide gossip item that kept on giving!
· Trump Sues Over Israel 'Flip' [NYP]

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