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Another Fake Rack for the Meatpacking District

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With the strange rock formations in the Meatpacking District's Gansevoort Plaza now in place, the Villager wades deep into MePa to gauge the neighborhood's reaction to the hectic five-way intersection turned pedestrian hangout spot. Some are thankful for the reclaimed space, and some are upset about limiting traffic flow. And some are... well, some people just have their mind in the gutter:

Marge Colt, vice president of the Horatio Street Association, pointed specifically to what she called the "defacement" of the cobblestone street, the "senseless" traffic pattern and the "conflicting" seating designs. "I think the whole thing is an abomination," Colt said. "It looks like it has been thrown together by people who have no design experience. And the breasts must go."

Well, Marge Colt, you'll be happy to know that the plaza will, heh, "continue to be shaped" by the community. Breast men should probably cop a feel while they still can.
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