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St. Vincent's Gets Shorter, But Will it Fly?

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In what should be an epic shitshow, tonight Rudin Management and St. Vincent's hospital will present their revised development proposal to Manhattan's Community Board 2, in advance of bringing the plan back to the Landmarks Preservation Commission in June. The LPC smacked down the extremely controversial hospital/residential plan a couple of weeks ago, which was cause for much celebration amongst Greenwich Village preservationists. So what will Rudin/St. Vincent's suggest this time around? For one, they still want to demolish the O'Toole Building on Seventh Avenue for a new elliptical hospital tower (against the LPC's wishes), and they are filing an application to raze it on the grounds of hardship. But they will reduce the height below 300 feet, and reduce the width by 53 feet. Across the street, the main residential building proposed by Rudin would be reduced 30 feet in height and 60 feet in width. The LPC also suggested that existing mid-block hotel buildings be reused instead of razed, so the new plan calls for the preservation and renovation of four buildings east of Seventh Avenue within St. Vincent's campus. Will the tweaks be enough?

[The revised scale of the hospital building that would replace the O'Toole Building]

We asked Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation Executive Director Andrew Berman for his response to St. Vincent's new plan, and he told us:

"It is a little ironic that they say they have changed their application 'as requested by some preservation groups.' They have consistently rejected any request by preservation groups, neighbors, or anyone else to willingly make changes to their plans, are are now only doing so because they have been forced to. I am looking forward to a more detailed presentation tonight."It's not enough to tear us away from the season finale of Gossip Girl, but it's so on!
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