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Tree-Hugging Condo-Hotel Coming to Bryant Park

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What this city needs is more condo-hotels, damn it, especially ones with fun gimmicks. Which is why we were very happy to read on The Real Estate that developers have finally filed plans for the project at one time known as the View at Bryant Park, and currently dubbed the 1 Hotel & Residences (we think). The 31-story building, at 20 West 40th Street, received Landmarks Preservation Commission approval about a year ago, and it was designed by architect Morris Adjmi. So what's the shtick? The 1 or the View or whatever will be NYC's first five-star green hotel, and all of Starwood Capital's new 1 hotels will donate 1% of revenues to local environmental groups. The building will reportedly have 150 hotel rooms and 64 condos, and don't forget about that all-glass penthouse. We suppose they'll be using the glass not made from baby seal skin?
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