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LES Takes a Stand Against Ferrari-Driving Invaders

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Anti-gentrification graffiti like this is usually reserved for the wilds of Williamsburg, but much like any bit of subversive outer-borough culture, it eventually makes its way to the mainland (no matter how late). Writes a tipster:

As I was lumbering home from the Delancey Street F stop carrying a new (and very heavy) air conditioner, I took a break to take in the vibe. Looking across Essex St., I was greeted by the message shown in Image 1. I chuckled, snapped it, then walked another 30 yards to the corner of Essex and Stanton before needing to catch my breath (remember, the air conditioner!) again. Looking across the street, I snapped Image 2, less than half a block from the YUPPIES message.

· Gentrification [Curbed]