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East Village's Hot Corners Remain 'Cozily Crapalicious'

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A long, long time ago, in the days before Racked, we looked at the "hot corners" of Avenue A and East 12th Street. In a very short period of time, many of the businesses in that intersection?some of them beloved, like the legendary hellhole/gay bar The Cock?were cleared out, and they've pretty much remained empty to this day. The buildings were part of a portfolio of East Village properties purchased and then flipped by megadeveloper Extell. Now, exactly 17 months later, Vanishing New York reports that some new retail tenants are finally moving in, and for those who think the East Village has completely lost its soul, you'll be surprised to learn that the new kids on the block are not named Chase, BofA and Citibank. A fortune teller and pet store have opened up shop, and The Cock will be some type of restaurant with a façade that the locals don't seem to agree with. Writes VNY, "I'm quite pleased to report that these corners have remained cozily crapalicious." Ah, Alphaville.
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