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More Building Inspectors Hoping to Say 'Surprise'

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It was just unintended irony that a steel plate from the Goldman Sachs building fell onto a Little League ball field in Battery Park City the day before, but the city announced yesterday that it's adding 56 building inspectors as part of a $5.3 million budget increase. The new inspectors, according to the city, will allow "for more surprise inspections" and follow ups. The new hires bring the total number of inspectors working for the troubled Department of Buildings to 461. The inspectors are also supposed to increase oversight of the self-certification program for architects "to weed out" persistent zoning code violators. Acting Buildings Commissioner says that adding the inspectors "substantially increases the incentive for developers and contractors to comply with safety regulations." There will be a new "construction monitoring program," a "re-inspection program," etc.
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