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CurbedWire: Battle for 9th Ave., Fixing a Harlem Circle

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CHELSEA?Remember that strip of businesses on Ninth Avenue that are faced with eviction because the landlord wants to replace them with "newer, upscale businesses"? Well, there's a rally tomorrow to keep this little slice of the old city in place and it'll include Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Council Speaker Christine Quinn and a ton of West Side groups, which is a lot of people coming to the aid of two small groceries, a gift store, a barber shop and a liquor store. Per an email from Andrew Berman (the one from the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation): "Residents are worried that with the disappearance of these stores, along with many other older business in recent years, Chelsea is losing its character..." It happens tomorrow from 1-3 on Ninth Ave. between 17th & 18th Streets. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?Anyone who thinks they've got it bad with city project that drag on, should consider Frederick Douglass Circle at 110th Street, where work has been going on for four years with no end in sight. A reader emails: "Do you know when this never ending project will end? The sidewalk entrance into Central Park looks almost complete—at least the sidewalk has opened up again as of last week. But there hasn’t been any progress with the circle in the middle—it’s still covered up." The plans look nice, though. [CurbedWire Inbox]