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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

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1) Reader Rant: Ninth Avenue Bike Lane is 'Massive Scandal' (77 Comments)
"If you are so concerned about tremendous traffic backups ruining your life as a result of this bike lane, why don't you do you get on a bike and utilize the the bike lane?"
2) Ladies and Gentlemen, Jared Seligman Has Arrived (66 Comments)
"How does this relate to Shvo? I dont get it. Shvo was a came to NY with nothing and made something of himself story (supposedly). This is a gossip girl character made in the UES."
3) Fresh Meat Thrown to Dogs in Annual Rent War (60 Comments)
"the rent vs buy equation is in favor of buying for most of manhattan. the rent vs buy equation for most of "prime" brooklyn however, is still in favor of renting despite recent rent increases."
4) Black and Bendy Five Franklin Place Fully Exposed (33 Comments)
"Something about the building appeals to me. The 1968 cum 2001 Kubrick interiors I think will be dated rather quickly, however."