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CurbedWire Special: De Niro's FiDi Hotel NOT at 50 Broad

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?We were wondering how Robert De Niro's Nobu Hotel would fit 140 hotel rooms and condo units into the smallish horseshoe of 50 Broad Street, and now we know: the Nobu Hotel will not be at 50 Broad Street, as reported. Here's the story:

There is work being done at 50 Broad St., which may have confused the matter, but the work is being led by the long-term ownership, 50 Broad Street Inc., as part of a multi-million dollar restoration project to improve the buildings systems and restore its stone façade, among other improvements. Cushman & Wakefield is the leasing and managing agent for the property and is overseeing the project.So where is this darn thing going? It turns out that the correct site is 45 Broad Street, which used to be the building at right but is being turned into a 47-story mixed-use building (that'd be your Nobu Hotel) by developer Kent Swig's Swig Equities. [CurbedWire Inbox]