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Will the TV Park Slope Be Funnier Than the Real One?

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Earlier this week, there was some news about a proposed new TV series from the producers of Sex and the City that would be Park Slope. (Insert Stroller Mafia joke here.) It's described as "an hour-long dramady" that "takes place in Park Slope and Park Slope is one of the characters in it. Park Slope has so much juice, just like Manhattan. It's got a lot of pizzazz and energy." React from Park Slopers has started, in the form of emails floating around the neighborhood touchstone known as the Park Slope Parents group. For instance, there's this:

I just can't wait to see the parents out at 1am drinking cocktails at Blue Ribbon on 5th Avenue while nobody in particular babysits the kids. And all-night raves at the Tea Lounge full of designer clothes and svelte bodies. Isn't that the Slope we all know and love? Another Sloper asks, "Are we ready for this kind of national scrutiny? Will they make us ridiculous?" And there's this:

...this show --undoubtedly a caricature growing out of several years of media caricatures -- isn't singlehandedly going to turn the Slope actively uncool. To state the well-known: the Slope has been churning with change for a decade. The climbing prices, changing population and rush of new buildings and stores have made it less lovable for a lot of people? including some of those who see it still as a livable and attractive village. The show's ugliness (real or imagined) underscores the ugliness of rapid development, no? Odds are low that the show will convey the genuine socioeconomic drama that exists around these parts. If the odds were higher, I really would brace myself.Among the many unanswered questions: Will there love affairs among the cheese cutters at the Food Coop? Trysts at the Tea Lounge? Episodes of stroller rage at the neighborhood Barnes & Noble? There are so many possibilities, that the head almost spins.
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