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Here's the Arquitectonica Version of the Coney Island Vision

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The Coney blog Kinetic Carnival ran across some interesting renderings of Coney Island plans on the Arquitectonica website, which had been worked with the city to develop the master plan and zoning guidelines. They're interesting to look at, even if they're dated and were used by the city early in the process, and they may bear some resemblance to what the city will allow in terms of the height of buildings around the amusements after the little change in course a few weeks ago when it cut the planned amusement district from 15 acres to 9 acres. Note the tall-ish buildings that would adjoin the reduced amusement park. As for the tenants, well, think Hard Rock Cafe, Knitting Factory, AMC cinemas, Virgin Records, ESPN Zone, Madame Tussauds, Bliss spa, tattoo parlors, etc. per some documents that are floating around. (Virgin Records?) The city and developer Joe Sitt currently disagree about what kind of retail would be appropriate in the land that the city would no longer be trying to buy from him int the amusement district.
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