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Meet the New Boss: On Top at DOB

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Today's Times has a sit down with Robert LiMandri, the person who stepped in as Acting Commissioner when Patricia Lancaster turned in her resignation after reading the handwriting on the wall. He is, uh, "making a valiant attempt to appear unfrazzled while having his commissioner chain jerked in several directions simultaneously" after taking on the job of running "the chronically dysfunctional — and sporadically corrupt — Buildings Department." The new boss says the fact the crane inspector involved in the deadly collapse lied "really peeves me off" and that his top priority is to get rid of liars and the lax among inspectors. "If we catch you, we're going to show you the door," he says. The new boss want to take "acting" from his title and get the actual commissioner's job. In the meantime, the DOB website only offers a teeny photo of him, compared to the full portraits that had been available of his predecessor.
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