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CurbedWire: Turtle Bay Follies

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TURTLE BAY?Acting DOB commish Robert LiMandri released a statement today following a review of zoning approvals given to 303 East 51st Street, where a crane collapse killed seven people back in March. Like his predecessor, LiMandri says the building was approved in error: "Based on this now completed review, which included the previous decisions made regarding approvals, the Department’s Deputy Commissioner for Technical Affairs—our chief zoning expert—has determined that the proposed construction plans do not comply with the law and must be changed." The statement says that if the developer doesn't address the DOB's concerns within 10 business days, the building permit will be revoked. So, the lesson here: kill seven people, you're still good to go. Inept DOB approves your illegal permits: you've got problems! [CurbedWire Inbox]

TURTLE BAY?Meanwhile, in non-fatal Turtle Bay construction snafus, Extell's 212 East 47th Street was slapped with a partial stop work order for?brace?plumbing work without a permit! Writes a tipster, "Buyers are upset because this might create closing delays." Yawn. [CurbedWire Inbox]