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Noho Residents Freaking Out at Mere Prospect of More Condos

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You'll have to excuse the longtime residents of Noho. After decades of being frozen in time with their cobblestones and Greek Revival architecture, in the blink of an eye they suddenly had the Bond Street triplets sprung on them. One building after another, the neighborhood was dragged into the present. Nay, the superpresent! The dizzying experience has left them, uh, dizzy. Take, for example, Tim Ranney, whose blog is named after the building he lives in?Colonnade Row (you know, this awesome thing). Yesterday he was strolling by Plantworks (above), the charming landscaping store and its adjacent lot on East 4th Street between Lafayette and Bowery. A brief rain had passed. The sun was shining. The plants were glistening. And then it happened. Tim Ranney felt the condoschmerz:

My mind immediately conjured up the worst possible scenario. Some jerk is going to sweep in here, buy this lot, tear this down, and build another glass condo on this block. It's just too perfect not to and that's exactly what's happening directly around the corner on 4 different sites. I couldn't sleep all night even after taking two Ambien. I woke up completely wrecked and I'm going back to Plantworks today to talk to the owner. I have to know the current situation of this shop, and I hope to find out that the business owner either also owns the building or has a long term lease. But the bigger question is - Is this the state we are all living in now? Has the real estate boom actually created a new psychological disorder?Deep breaths, friend. After all, protection from evil is on its way.
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