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On the Racked: Soho iPhone Line, Agyness Hanging On, Crossing the River to Target, More

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And now the latest from Racked, covering retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Soho: Why were people lining up at the Apple Store in Soho? Uh, because they wanted iPhones. True story.

2) Soho: Supermodel Agyness Deyn may just have been ousted from fronting Burberry's fall campaigns for being conspicuous, but she's back in the window of the Soho store at 131 Spring.

3) Jersey City: Share Racked's "naughty little secret" as a correspondent ventures to Target Greatland in Jersey City to check out the Rogan for Target collection and returns with a photo gallery.

4) Soho: People are unhappy with the lousy selection at the LES's Suite Orchard sample sale on Spring Street.