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New Menace in PLG: Downspout Thieves

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There is a new threat in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: downspout thieves. Well, at least, one alleged thief, as pictured in the photo above. Of course, to be a victim, one needs to have a house with a downspout in the first place. Per a report:

He tried [to steal our downspout] with no success and then proceeded to pull off the neighbor's. My husband retrieved the piece from him with some bickering -- he claimed it was in the garbage -- but it was clearly pulled off. He has white hair, dark moustache, wearing a maroon/dark brown hoodie/sweatshirt and he is pushing a black granny cart.Also, the cart has a lot of downspouts in it.
· Protect Your Downspouts [Hawthorne Street]