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Yardsmania: Murdochville Just a Fading Memory

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It appears that if Rupert Murdoch wants to bring his News Corporation back into the good graces of the Related Companies in order to nab some Hudson Yards office space, it's going to take a lot of chocolate and flowers. In the developer's version of burning photos of an ex-boyfriend, Related circulated an old rendering at yesterday's Hudson Yards press conference?old, that is, except for the removal of the MySpace banner that adorned the outdoor concert stage in the previous version. Maybe that's why Related's Hudson Yards website is still down?they want to remove all traces of the previous anchor tenant. Now that Murdochville has morphed into Relatedville, the Times reports that the MTA's board will vote on the deal on Thursday. Once it's approved, the two sides will have four months to hammer out all the specifics. Four months. If that's not enough time to avoid another meltdown, the MTA should probably just call it quits.
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