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CurbedWire: Brooklyn Bridge Gets Crazy Lights, MePa Gets Trash

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[Photo courtesy of Josh Derr/flickr]

DUMBO?The new lighting and public art at the Brooklyn Bridge was unveiled today. The design is from KT3D. Per a release: "This project addresses the elements of poor lighting, uninviting entrances, and insufficient signage that do little to alert the pedestrian traffic to the wide variety of Brooklyn assets at the foot of the Bridge that are an integral part of the borough’s unique identity." So, the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian entrance is...where? [CurbedWire Inbox]

MEPA?The Gansevoort Peninsula is one step closer to having a "Marine Transfer Station" where Manhattan garbage can be loaded on to barges for its trip to Jersey and other points unknown. The State Senate passed a bill authorizing the station today and the the City Council passed a resolution giving it the thumbs up last week. The station will handle Manhattan recyclables and should give guests at the Standard Hotel some interesting marine activity to watch. [CurbeWire Inbox]