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Stroller Resentment & the Streets of Park Slope

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Yes, the Park Slope stroller rant is a well-worn topic, but they can be compelling when presented properly. This is the latest example of the genre, posted on the Park Slope Forum on Brooklynian:

I am getting to the point where I am afraid to walk the streets without being run over by these strollers. These people take up the entire sidewalk while having conversations about what kind of organic vegetables to serve for dinner. I saw one woman trying to convince her 7 yr old kid that carrots taste better than ice cream and he shouldnt be eating cookies at lunch because they are not healthy...Forget about cursing while walking down seventh ave. I was on the phone and let the "f" bomb fly, this woman looked at me and told me I shouldnt curse around children. Granted I should have watched my tongue a little but it is a public spot and need to share the neighborhood and get it out of their heads that they own the place. And yes for those of you who say I am not from here and uncouth, I happen to live on Prospect Park West so I am very much indeed a resident.Always a lot of Park Slope love in the air.
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