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Video Walk-Throughs Make the Leap to Respectability

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Ever since every broker and their momma starting posting video walk-throughs of apartments on YouTube, we've stopped monitoring the trend. To us, it was all about the trailblazers?the Michael Hoys and Kelly Kreths of the world. But we were sent one today, for this $5M four-bedroom co-op at 236 West 26th Street in Chelsea, and for some reason we clicked on it. We were surprised how far these little gimmicks have come. Gone are the days of shaky cellphone cameras and pulsating rave soundtracks. Now there's direction, cinematography, narration and witty dialogue. Elliman's Jason and Toni Haber even demonstrate the "smart home" technology, and in the end, they also give the price in euros and yen. Now that's production value!
· Video: West 26th Street Smart Home! [YouTube]
· Listing: 236 West 26th Street [Elliman]