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Proposed Burg Rose Plaza on the River Rendered

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Last week, we had some details about a proposed development on the South Williamsburg waterfront that would be called Rose Plaza on the River. It would go on a large site north of the big power plant on Kent Avenue that Con Edison is currently demolishing and south of Schaefer Landing. Brownstoner got info from City Planning about the size of the three buildings that are planned: 801 units of housing and 29,000 square feet of commercial space, plus a waterfront esplanade. The buildings would be 28, 24 and 18 stories in height. In any case, we came across this rendering on the Gene Kaufman Architect website. Mr. Kaufman also designed neighboring Schaefer Landing, which is much smaller, with a 25-story building and two 15-story buildings with 350 units. Rose Plaza would cover four acres, and they have to be rezoned. The Kaufman site lists it as a $375 million project with a 2009 completion date, which may have to be tweaked a bit.
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Schaefer Landing

440 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY