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Lesson From LA: How to Get Away With Advertecture

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We can't say we've learned much from Los Angeles, but we have to doff our cap to Left Coast developer Sonny Astani for teaching us an important lesson in loopholes. While Los Angeles may not be enmeshed in the same anti-advertecture crusade that New York is, some neighborhood groups in downtown LA are still griping about the omnipresence of loud billboards. So, with Astani planning to outfit the façades of his two new 30-story apartment towers with gigantic LED panels that would cycle through different paid advertisements, the Times reports he has struck upon a brilliant idea: Say it's really a tribute to Blade Runner, pledge to display some ads for nonprofit groups, and call it art! Total genius, and it looks like the Blade Runner defense?which we assume New York developers will immediately begin using?is going to push the proposal through. Keith McNally, you have been warned, sir.
· A Developer’s Unusual Plan for Bright Lights, Inspired by a Dark Film [NYT]