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CurbedWire: The Jersey City Taco Bell/Condo Conundrum

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JERSEY CITY?We cannot guarantee accurate results when we wade into the murky waters of New Jersey, so in the case of the Exeter Property Company's text your vote campaign for a development site near City Hall (winning at the moment: Taco Bell drive-thru), it's not surprising there's a lot more to be said. New York's Sixth writes us: "I believe you have the wrong Exeter Property linked on the post. The Exeter Property in Jersey City is owned by the Silverman brothers. Their retail website is Second, there are some renderings of their proposal on JC Vibe. Third, I have pictures of what is on that site previous at New York's Sixth." Majestic II already does kind of sound like a nail salon, doesn't it? [CurbedWire Inbox]