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Freedom's Friends Delayed, But Tower 3 May Get Lynch'd

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Delays are nothing new for the redevelopment of the World Trade Center, but at least this one is for a good reason. The Port Authority just issued a statement saying the authority has granted developer Larry Silverstein a six-month extension to get Towers 3 and 4 done?moving the completion dates to mid-2012 for Tower 3 and spring 2012 for Tower 4?because Silverstein Properties is in negotiations with Merrill Lynch to move the firm to Tower 3. According to Silverstein, Tower 3 would need to be redesigned (though the extent of that redesign is unclear) to suit Merrill, and the foundation plans for Towers 3 and 4 would have to be amended. Hence, the extension. A deal with Merrill Lynch to fully occupy the building would be a major coup for Silverstein, given the lengthy courtship of the firm by several developers. Work on Towers 3 and 4 is already underway. A look at Sir Richard Rogers' 71-story WTC Tower 3, aka 175 Greenwich Street, is presented above.
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