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Park Ave. Party Church Told To Take It To Chelsea

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The Third Church of Christ, Scientist at Park Avenue and 63rd Street is a gorgeous old building, which means once Manhattan's heathens stopped obeying the Almighty, the church gave a caterer a 20-year lease to run private events in the space. The deal pumps money back into the Church to keep it up and running, and the UES gets a brand new posh party space. Everybody wins! Not quite. Neighbors outraged over the noise and double-parked limos have been campaigning against the deal for over a year, and?being rich and powerful Upper East Siders?they got the DOB to reverse its approval. The church sued, and today the Sun files an update on the case. Now that some time has passed, and many many events have been held at the church, have residents' fears been alleviated? Um, no:

"This may be better done down in Chelsea than on Park Avenue," a resident across the way at 570 Park Ave., George Davis, said, adding that this was "the wrong part of town" for parties.To further get his point across, he said that all while polishing his monocle. Meanwhile, in a delicious twist, the church has subpoenaed the co-op boards of some shmancy neighbors to expose their party-throwing ways. Now who's in the champagne-swilling spotlight? xoxo, Gossip Girl.
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