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Would Pitchforks & Torches Greet Real World in Carroll Gardens?

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It's time to get used to the Real World Rumor of the Week until the MTV show actually settles on a Brooklyn location. Last week, it was BellTel Lofts in Downtown Brooklyn. This week's rumor is a house on Third Place in Carroll Gardens. A look at the picture in Brooklyn Paper shows that it's not just any house, but 116 Third Place, a boutique tumor building that made neighbors insane when it was being renovated and gaining a large growth on top and that was a Curbed Development Du Jour back in January. Back then, the five units were on the market for $1.2 million to $2.6 million. This week, the owners says he's "in negotiations" with MTV. Of course, everybody's Number One odds on favorite, Williamsburg, hasn't come up as rumor yet. The real question is: will cranky Carroll Gardens residents greet Real World with pitchforks & torches if they try to set up shop on one of their quiet "place streets"? Next week's property "in negotiations" or "serious talks" with MTV will be [fill in the blank].
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