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Will Walentas Get SizeChopped on Atlantic Ave.?

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The Two Trees Management building on Atlantic Avenue that is part of the complex that will (maybe eventually) house the Brooklyn Trader Joe's has hit a bump in the road to completion. The Brooklyn Paper expands on the Stop Work Order issued recently having to do with bulkheads on top of the building and a threat to revoke the permits for the building. At issue are structures atop the building, whose height has been an ongoing issue. Developer David Walentas says they're stairway bulkheads. The city says they're residential spaces that violate height limits in the Cobble Hill Historic District. Mr. Walentas wanted to build to sixty feet, but was turned down by the City Council. The head of the Cobble Hill Association says the developer is trying to get his extra ten feet "by chicanery." Chicanery!
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