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The Sound of Coney Island Beach Season: 'You Suck'

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[Photo courtesy of Weblicist]

Yes, it's Memorial Day weekend and, yes, the beach at Coney Island opened yesterday. So, what are people opposed to the big redevelopment plan to do? Have a protest, of course, and shout things like "You Suck" at the local City Council Member, as well as "Save Coney Island" and "No More Thor." Coney blog Kinetic Carnival described the scene as protesters "chanting their usual slogans and rants to save Coney Island's amusements from being swallowed up by plans to bring mostly the same everywhere-else-America to Coney Island." And, the Parks Commissioner somehow managed to tell school children that the overcast, cold day was "sunny." In other news, the decrepit boardwalk might actually be replaced starting in September, and the "Dreamland" amusement rides on developer Thor's property are open this weekend.
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