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Where Will the Strollers Go? Park Slope Losing a Tea Lounge

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[Photo courtesy of kansasliberal/flickr]

Park Slope's Seventh Avenue Stroller Mom and freelancer hangout, the Tea Lounge, is closing in July. The Brooklyn Paper drops the bomb, which had also surfaced via employees last night on Brooklynian. The react in the neighborhood is not good: “It’s killing us,” says the co-owner. "The closing is completely ruining our lives.” It's being blamed on...a huge rent increase. The founder of Park Slope Parents calls it "an iconic mommy meeting place" and says, "I blame gentrification." One Brooklynian poster writes, "The closure of the 7th Ave Tea Lounge is the death of Park Slope I loved." There are still two other Tea Lounge locations with ample stroller parking: one on Union Street and the increasingly famous branch on Court Street.
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