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2 Columbus Circle Update: Lollipops Under Glass

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Brad Cloepfil, the guy responsible for the loud but always-welcoming face on the new home for the Museum of Arts & Design at 2 Columbus Circle, is showing us yet another of example of design expertise. The ever-famous lollipops which encircle the base of Edward Durrell Stone's original structure are now being encased within a glassed-in lobby, a space which will take up most of the first floor. In the original configuration the lollipops created a two-story street-level arcade, but that protected outdoor area has been wiped out in Cloepfil's re-design. Now the whole building rises right out of the sidewalk, with nothing but a dinky little canopy over the front door and all the supporting lollipops tucked away inside. Cloepfil calls all those hidden columns "ghosts", a memory of lollipops past. Very scary, if not strange for a place which claims to be a showcase for Arts & Design. A sensitive person might roll over in the grave.
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