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Broker Apologizes For Selling Property to Sam Chang

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OK, not really, but that's kinda how this press release from Eastern Consolidated officially announcing the massive sale of a Financial District property to McSam Hotel Group overlord Sam Chang reads. Here's the quote from Eastern Consolidated Director David Johnson, who represented the seller of 6 Water Street, Richard Breton:

"Breton ultimately hired Eastern Consolidated and although we marketed the site widely, reaching out globally to more than 1,000 investors and developers, Sam Chang still emerged the winner, bidding a record-breaking price of $56 million to acquire the unique 8,300-square-foot site fronting three streets, which allows for 125,000 square feet buildable.”Oh, how they tried to find someone else, but in the end, only our Developer of the Year BFF remained. Check out the location of the site, seen in the provided photo. Chang will build a 30-40 story boutique hotel on the spot, meaning that Sam Chang will be responsible for something that will be seen in all those helicopter-filmed pan shots of Lower Manhattan that run at the beginning of countless movies. We're scared. Wait, no, we're very scared.
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