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Burg Union Ave. Hot Karl Rental Relocates Lower Manhattan

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At first, we thought the fact that Karl Fischer's ooogly boldly utilitarian 525 Union Avenue is on the market as a "luxury" rental was worth noting in and of itself. Then, we checked out the website and noticed that the aerial view featured above is of interest far beyond the luxe rental issue: the artist has taken an rooftop view of McCarren Park and superimposed Lower Manhattan more or less where Midtown and Downtown are supposed to be. (IE, the Brooklyn Bridge is about a half mile north of Williamsburg Bridge.) Given that N. 7 St. is across the river from 14th Street and that the dominant tall building on the Burg horizon is the Empire State, the view from Hot Karl's 525 Union, an old friend, is fascinating. The apartments, by the way, run from $2,395 for a 1BR up to $5,950 a month for the 3BR PH with the roof terrace.

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