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This Week's Model: 'The Brooklyn Wars'

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There have been many "wars" of and for Brooklyn, but New York Magazine declares the latest one revolves around Brownstoner and a commenter who may be a, uh, troll. The comments section on the blog is described as "a rolling transcript of the borough’s new anxieties, shameful prejudices, and secret fears. For a long time, those anxieties centered on being left out or pushed out—hopeful buyers or displaced renters thwarted by prices rising out of control." Now, it's "the worry is that the renaissance won’t go far enough; that it will suddenly recede like a fickle tide that strands a fleet of errant ships. And the people who bought in to the fringes of the New Brooklyn will wind up trapped—in a bad neighborhood, a stifling mortgage, a failing block." All of which kind of, sort of sounds like Brooklyn, except that the story is told through the eyes of a guy who calls himself "The What." Mr. What is "a mischievous online bogeyman is haunting the dreams of New Brooklyn." Perhaps, even, de-gentrified Red Hook. Okay.
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