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CurbedWire: Trashy UES Destructoporn Mystery, 'A Building' Booze Party Update

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UPPER EAST SIDE?This may be the first Sanitation Department Destructoporn we've had. It comes courtesy of a tipster who notes that it's the old Sanitation Department building on East 74th between York Avenue and the FDR Drive: "They were moving very quickly for a few months (with the incessant bang-clang-boom beginning at 7:30AM every weekday) and then about two weeks ago they just stopped all demolition activity. The equipment you see in the picture has been idle since then. Is there some kind of strike, or did they find asbestos? Not that I'm complaining but I can't understand why the demolition stopped." [CurbedWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE?Is it possible that the report of booze and drugs and defecation in the gym at the A Building was overstated? Per an email from an "inside" source: "Party was really tame, Lots of alcohol and gays, but I didn't see any drugs. FDNY showed up for a spot-check and left. That's all I can confirm." Regardless, it's a long summer season and more is sure to come. [CurbedWire Inbox]