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'A Building' Pool Party Report: 'Drugs, Booze Everywhere'

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Those who doubt that the East Village's A Building is shaping up to be the defining building of our time, have we got an update for you! Ever since we first laid eyes on the luxury condo building's rooftop pool and deck, we knew that?come summer?the A Building was going to be a total shitshow. Little did we know how right we were. Already described as Dormandy South because of its raucous young buyers, the A Building may have finally proven that the East Village is not quite ready for luxury development. A Curbed tipster forwards along a friend's account of what transpired over the weekend:

"our building had its first pool party this weekend and i thought you would enjoy. the disastrous combo of hedge fund guys, gay guys, and hipsters caused massive combustion resulting in the cops coming, fdny as well, the roof trashed, drugs, booze everywhere and some random people shitting in our gym. i stopped by for a couple hours and saw the disaster in the making! i'm sure you'll read about it in curbed soon. it was one of those 'only in ny' moments."The fact that this dispatch is even remotely believable is enough to make you wonder about the A Building, and, perhaps, humanity. Taxi, get us the hell out of here!
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