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Northside Piers Lets Loose with Duane Reade (& New Tower)

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Remember the days of the Burg's Kent Avenue being a true Brooklyn wasteland? (All of about two years ago?) Totally doneski. New banners just went up around the Northside Piers complex noting the coming of a second tower and a tipster has pointed us to the website of Walker Malloy, which is handling leasing of the retail space at the Toll Brothers development. Among the many fascinating things therein is: "Duane Reade has taken half of unit C." There's also a list of spaces available and wish list of prospective tenants: "Waterfront restaurant plus three retail units in new three tower high rise project. Wanted: deli, bank, green grocer, hardware, coffee bar, etc." Our tipster, meanwhile, asks: "Is this the death of king’s pharmacy and the end of Williamsburg as we knew it?"
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Northside Piers

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