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Avenue B Community Clinic Becomes Garden Oasis

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Foundation work has been slowly progressing at the site of the old home of the Roberto Clemente Center at 215 Avenue B (at 13th Street) in the East Village, a building that was taken down in record time with record sexiness. We've known that a new residential building designed by Gansevoort Hotel architects the Stephen B. Jacobs Group was planned for the site, but that's about it. The corner is a curious one for luxury development, given the surrounding projects (although the sandwiches at catty-corner coffee shop B Cup really are yummy), and while we don't know the intentions of the developers regarding the new building, we do know what it will look like. The above renderings?two of the building's exterior, one of a walled-in rear yard and one floorplan of mystery?are up on the SBJ Group's website under 215 Avenue B. No other details given, but we assume the high walls on that backyard mean there won't be many communal cookouts with the neighbors.
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