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Is Red Hook Ready for the Ikea Effect?

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In 21 days, the impact of the gigantic Red Hook Ikea on the neighborhood will no longer be a matter of speculation. There will either be discontent or everything will turn out to be, more or less, okay. Today's Post takes a look at the neighborhood in advance of the big day. The story tries to put a positive spin on things, talking about how people hope the Ikea will be "so flooding the sleepy streets with hordes of shoppers that it rejuvenates developers' interest in Red Hook's scores of long-vacant sites." And, it notes the coming of the Cheyenne Diner to a site near the Fairway supermarket. Some, like Greg O'Connell, who is one of the original Red Hook developers, say that the Ikea might finally give a kick start to businesses on Van Brunt Street that have been struggling and may lead to more restaurants. The Post obligingly took a vacancy survey and found "at least 16 vacant lots and another 20 buildings with vacant storefronts or with 'for rent' signs in its windows along the main drag, which runs 22 blocks from DeGraw Street south to the Erie Basin." All will be clear on June 18, which is Opening Day.
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