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CurbedWire: 7 WTC Acting Presidential, Citylights Clarification

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FIDI?Developer Larry Silverstein's 7 World Trade Center is no stranger to big art thingies, which makes the sudden appearance of a ring of white paper (we think?) around one of the upper floors all the more curious. Writes a tipster: "I took these pics downtown today. Notice a ring on one of the floors. Being a downtown architectural, real estate, and Curbed junkie, I was intrigued. New tenant in 7 WTC? During lunch I walked over and asked security what was going on, and they said it was a White House architectural competition, my interest was piqued.I looked it up on the internet and believe it is this. It says jury pending. Maybe that all star cast of characters is judging today! John Maeda, Liz Diller! Interesting how it rings the entire building, what a backdrop to the judging!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

LONG ISLAND CITY?This one goes out to you, Citylights haters: "I just wanted to clarify something with regard to your readers' outrage over high maintenance prices at Citylights. Part of the reason that the exorbitant maintenance fees are palatable is that we pay no (read, ZERO) property taxes. This is in effect for another 10 years or more, i believe. When the tax abatement ends our maintenance will go down significantly. In addition to that, all of the maintenance fees that we pay that are part of the building's underlying mortgage are tax deductible. So not only is it a great area to live, its quite affordable as well, more than you would think. Even if you are buying in now. The amount you WOULD pay in NYC in combined maintenance and property taxes are what we pay in maintenance alone (again, no property taxes!)" [CurbedWire Inbox]]


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