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Coney Island 'Unfortunate Accident' Update: No Crap, Just Dirt

Connoisseurs of crappy incidents will recall yesterday's reports of the dude that fell through the bathroom floor at Ruby's in Coney Island this weekend, plunged to the basement and emerged, it was said, "literally covered in shit." Some took this as a symbol of Coney's status this year, in general. Well, someone from Ruby's is sending out emails and points out that there was no (or little) shit but that developer Joe Sitt is helping to fix the problem:

Rubys over the weekend had an unfortunate accident as everyone has reported. The facts are as he did fall thru a partially collapsed floor in the mens room - the piping was not broken - he missed them - barely. He had literally hit the dirt floor underneath along with all the cobwebs etc. When he emerged - he was moving slowly himself up the ladder (thank goodness he had jeans on) only from his knees down was pretty filthy- mainly with dirt. Rubys was given permission to open over the holiday weekend with outside seating. The building inspector came by Tuesday and closed Rubys until repairs was complete...Repairs are moving very quickly with Mr. Sitt paying part of the cost. He would like Rubys to remain on the boardwalk - for now- and offered to help. Therefore we had engineers in very quickly assessing the hole - contractors begun working Tuesday afternoon. Michael is hoping to reopen by Friday afternoon/evening.Mr. Sitt owns the building. All's well that ends well.
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