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Whitehall Storage Revealed: West Village Gets the Chair!

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The Whitehall Storage Building at 150 Charles Street, near Richard Meier's glass towers in the Far West Village, was one of two poised-for-development sites left out of 2005's downzoning of the neighborhood. The other one was Superior Ink, and area preservationists have been holding their breath for a very long time (someone should probably check on them) to see what architects Cook+Fox would come up on Charles Street. Back in November, the Villager reported a 15-story condo building on top of the existing warehouse, with "a series of setbacks above the existing four-story structure," and 10 four-story "townhouses" built into the former industrial space. Finally, the rendering has popped up on the Cook+Fox website, and it's ... kind of a big chair? At least, that's what it looks like on first glance, a big throne for what has become one of the city's priciest 'hoods. Per the architects' website, the building is shooting for LEED Gold eco-friendliness, including capturing rainwater to reuse in landscaping. In fact, 50% of the site area weill be green space and terraces. Fun!
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150 Charles St

150 Charles Street, Manhattan, NY 10014