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Curbed FlipWatcher: $90M at 15 Central Park West

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Closed: 4/9/08
Purchase Price: $30,000,000
Re-listed: 5/28/08
Asking: $90,000,000
Markup: 200%

Late yesterday, we received an e-mail from a tipster saying Brown Harris Stevens was asking $80 million for a 6,000-square-foot 15 Central Park West duplex, in a very hush-hush way. Given the reported $100 million offerings at the limestone Jesus, that wasn't outside the realm of possibility. And the rumor was almost true. In fact, Brown Harris Stevens is asking $90 million for it, Braden Keil reports today, and it's the very same apartment (Unit #18-19A in the "House" building) whose buyer?a Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald?claimed he turned down a $100 million offer. So why the discount, doc? Unclear, but if the 4BR, 6.5BA condo sells for $90 million, it will claim the title as Manhattan's most expensive residence as well as the most ever paid per square foot. And it's not even a virginal 15 CPW pad (dude lives in it). And it's not even the penthouse! Well, it's a "penthouse," but it's below the $42 million apartment bought by Citigroup's Sanford Weill. Keep an eye on the page of BHS broker Janet Gifford, who is leading the charge. Maybe they'll share some goodies if nobody bites.
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023