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Lessons in Bad Timing: Stuy Town Follies Edition

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Two days ago, the New York Times filed a blistering assault on big bad Tishman Speyer regarding the Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village landlord's pursuit of tenants in violation of rent-regulation rules, an undercover operation that has apparently targeted many innocent Stuy Town oldtimers in hopes of scaring them off and getting market-rate renters into the buildings. Hey, what a perfect time to talk about the 80-acre complex's luxe makeover! That's precisely what the Post does today, with a feature story on all the glamorous changes at Stuy Town that includes this doozy: "For many longtime Stuy Town residents, not much is different since the purchase." Don't tell that to Granny!

The Post's story highlights many recent changes covered here, including the pet policy reversal, the Hamptons shuttle service and Cetra/Ruddy's renovated units. Plus, there's some other things we didn't know about: cocktail mixers, free movie nights and a Halloween corn maze (!!!!!). The last-minute rewrite comes near the end, when some stats from the Times' report on the rent-stabilization crackdown are tossed in, and a Peter Cooper Village resident is brought on board to rant about the destruction of the community. But by then, our minds are already filled with daydream visions of sipping mojitos out on the Stuyvesant Oval. Hey bunny, have our crushed mint ready, brah!
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